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Welcome to the world of custom-fit

Pure Forged are based in Scotland… the home of golf, we are leading custom-fit and premium golf equipment suppliers. We provide our renowned services and ship our products to golfers all over the world.


Making a custom fit appointment with Pure Forged Golf will be a truly informative experience, it will not only establish which are the best clubs for you but also assist in yardages to keep your game consistent. You can therefore ensure that you purchase exactly the correct combination of clubs to cover all areas of your game.

The Pure Forged Golf Custom Fitting Centre uses Trackman 4… the most powerful and accurate Launch Monitor ever built, to custom fit golfers of all levels. No longer a speciality service reserved for just Touring Pros, custom fitting can have an even more dramatic impact on amateur golfers, from beginners to advanced players.

The Swing Studio

A fully equipped workshop and indoor swing studio is on site to build clubs and undertake any custom club work, like they do on the Tour.  This is why various European Tour Players use Pure Forged between Tournaments to have their clubs checked. All golfers, regardless of their game want to play better golf.

Competitive golfers know that the fastest way to improve their game is to use the right equipment tailored exactly for them. At the Pure Forged Custom Fit facility in Irvine, Ayrshire you get the highest quality clubs custom fit to match your own requirements. As Tiger Woods said, “Accurate custom fitting is for all golfers, not just professionals or single digit handicap players.”

Forged vs Casting

The art of forging

What is custom-fitting?

Based in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland… PURE FORGED are specialists in Premium Golf Equipment. We deal in component form which means we can offer a vast range of custom build options from a wide range of high end products. At our Custom fit centre we offer a full service of custom fit, Tour quality assembly and customisation service. We are worldwide distributors of Chikara Designs products as well as being an authorised dealer for premium brands including PXG, Miura, Epon, Honma, OnOff, Alpha, YU-GA  and Vega. Pure Forged supply the best shafts in golf, including Shimada, KBS, Accra, UST Mamiya, Graphite Design, Nippon, Oban, Matrix Ozik, True Temper and many more.

At Pure Forged Golf we take the most comprehensive and technologically advanced approach to club fitting. In addition to standard club fitting, which typically involves loft/lie assessment, measurements for length, and swing speed, we also assess your tempo, transition, release and identify an best possible ball flight trajectory and ball dispersion accuracy ratio to suit your swing. All of which is based on the correct torque, frequency and kick-point location on the shaft to also ensure improved carry distance and total distance optimization.

In addition, when we build clubs we fine tune them and spine align each shaft to ensure consistency within the set thereby guaranteeing shaft feel and consistency through each shot.  Using our Trackman 4 fitting process, golfers have benefited from more distance and up to 50% more accuracy than off-the-shelf clubs or traditional fitting processes. With the correct shaft and head combination, golfers hit the ball further, straighter and are able to swing with less effort. What has not been so clear to golfers, however, is how to find out what shaft and head combination is best for them.  Golfers can spend hours hitting different shaft and head combinations with the hope of finding the one that feels right for them.

We are one of Europe’s leading providers of custom fitted and precision built golf clubs. Call 01294 446020 or email to discuss all your needs with our team. At Pure Forged Golf, we ensure that your clubs are fitted and built to your exact specifications. Please feel free to browse all the different manufacturers we stock below or visit our website store.

Charl Schwartzel, PXG Tour Player

Unleash your true golfing potential with PURE FORGED

James Hahn, PXG Tour Player

What our clients say

Pure forged offer a wide variety of custom-fit and club customisations services. See our price tariffs below and if you wish to purchase or book any of these services directly, then you can do so by visiting the shop link below, or alternatively please get in touch by emailing or phone 01294 446020.

 Custom-fit services


Iron Fitting: One hour and 15 minute Trackman session to establish the irons and shaft spec. for optimum performance. £50

Driver Fitting: One hour Trackman session to determine your ideal driver head and/or shaft spec. for optimum performance. £30

Putter Adjusment: Check and adjustment of length, lie and grip alignment of your current putter. £18

Putter Fitting: Using Trackman 4, a one hour putter fitting session to include putting analysis and equipment check including length, lie, loft and grip size of your current putter. £45

Yardage Check and adjustments: One hour Trackman session to check all your yardages. Loft and lie adjustments included for forged irons. £50

Yardage Check: 30 minute Trackman session to check all your yardages. £30

 Club customisation


Putter loft and Lie: Adjustment of current putter. £18

Lengthen clubs: Price per club. £8

Shorten clubs: Price per club. £5

Re-shafting wood: Price includes shaft alignment but not the price of the shaft. £15

Re-shafting iron: Price includes shaft alignment but not the price of the shaft. £15

Irons Loft and Lie: Adjustments for forged irons. Price per club. £4

Irons Loft and Lie: Adjustments for forged irons. Price per set. £30

Re-gripping: Per grip. £4 

If grip purchased from Pure Forged Golf. Free of charge!


Visit the Pure Forged online store to purchase or book any of these services.

Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers are a perfect present for special occasions. They are available to buy at our shop or online store in values of £20, £50 & £100

Valid for 6 Months after date of purchase

PURE FORGED specialise in the custom fitting of putters using Trackman 4, often one of the most over looked aspects of your game. We stock a large variety of putters including Scotty Cameron, Piretti, Golds Factory, PXG & more. Visit our online store or book a custom fitting session with our master club fitter.

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