Welcome to Pure Forged Golf. We are a fully authorised custom-fit golf centre, online premium golf equipment retailer and master club builders based in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland. Please visit our online store where we have a huge selection of golf clubs and accessories ready to enhance your game. If for any reason you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, are in need of specialist advice or have found a better price elsewhere online, please call us on +44 (0)1294 446020 or email info@pureforged.co.uk where a member of our highly experienced and qualified team will be happy to assist you.

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Our world of custom-fit

Talk to us about your game

Making a custom fit appointment with Pure Forged Golf will be a truly informative experience, it will not only establish which are the best clubs for you but also assist in yardages to keep your game consistent. You can therefore ensure that you purchase exactly the correct combination of clubs to cover all areas of your game.

Get Custom fitted on Trackman4

The Pure Forged Golf Custom Fitting Centre uses Trackman 4… the very latest, most powerful and accurate Launch Monitor ever built to custom fit golfers of all levels. No longer a speciality service reserved for just Touring Pros, custom fitting can have an even more dramatic impact on improving amateur golfers.

Select the best club combination

Golfers know that the fastest way to improve their game is to use the right equipment tailored exactly for them. At the Pure Forged Custom Fit facility in Irvine, Ayrshire you get the highest quality clubs custom fit to match your own game. Tiger Woods said, “Accurate custom fitting is for all golfers, not just professionals or single digit players.”

We build your clubs

A fully equipped workshop and indoor swing studio is on site to build clubs and undertake any custom club work, like they do on the Tour. This is why various European Tour Players use Pure Forged between tournaments to have their clubs checked. All golfers, regardless of their game want to play better golf.

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 Custom-fit & club customisation tariffs

Iron Fitting: One hour and 15 minute Trackman session to establish the irons and shaft spec. for optimum performance. £50

Driver Fitting: One hour Trackman session to determine your ideal driver head and/or shaft spec. for optimum performance. £30

Putter Adjusment: Check and adjustment of length, lie and grip alignment of your current putter. £18

Putter Fitting: Using Trackman 4, a one hour putter fitting session to include putting analysis and equipment check including length, lie, loft and grip size of your current putter. £45

Yardage Check and adjustments: One hour Trackman session to check all your yardages. Loft and lie adjustments included for forged irons. £50

Yardage Check: 30 minute Trackman session to check all your yardages. £30

Putter loft and Lie: Adjustment of current putter. £18

Lengthen clubs: Price per club. £8

Shorten clubs: Price per club. £5

Re-shafting wood: Price includes shaft alignment but not the price of the shaft. £15

Re-shafting iron: Price includes shaft alignment but not the price of the shaft. £15

Irons Loft and Lie: Adjustments for forged irons. Price per club. £4

Irons Loft and Lie: Adjustments for forged irons. Price per set. £30

Re-gripping: Per grip. £4 (If grip purchased from Pure Forged Golf. Free of charge).